We offer:

  • an individual approach and special attention for every client
  • high-quality services
  • affordable prices
  • guaranteed confidentiality
  • accounting in accordance with the National and International Accounting Standards
  • reports and registers in German and/or English

Standard Package:

  • ongoing document processing
  • setting up an individual chart of accounts suitable to the specific activities of the company
  • preparation of VAT reports and declarations
  • preparing and submitting declarations for VAT registration/deregistration
  • preparing an accounting and tax depreciation schedule
  • supplying up-to-date information concerning the financial state of the company, as well as any additional information, on request
  • tax and financial planning
  • preparing and submitting all necessary documents for the National Revenue Agency, National Social Security Institute, National Statistical Institute, and other institutions, including private ones
  • preparing and submitting monthly information for the NRA
  • maintaining contact with NRA, NSSI, NSI, and other institutions
  • preparing documents for disbursing with NRA and NSSI
  • closing annual accounts
  • preparing and submitting annual tax declarations
  • protecting the company’s interests during tax audit
  • tax protection and consultations
  • preparing Intrastat declarations
  • others

Additional services:

  • visiting our clients
  • servicing of bank accounts
  • interim financial statements
  • publication of financial statements
  • job descriptions
  • Interior Regulations
  • others

We also offer individual services depending on the clients’ needs.

Annual closing of accounts, tax finishing and on-the-spot consultations.